I just got compared to Arthur C. Clarke!

This review made my day:

Great read that left me wanting more (rumor alert: sequel in the making!?) With the political/military intrigue of a Tom Clancy novel and the Sci-Fi feel of the 2001/2010/2061 Arthur C. Clarke novels coupled with the page turner, fast paced plot of a Dan Brown novel how could you go wrong. Chen’s knowledge runs deep and shines in the book. His characters are very cool and well written.

I only have one issue with this book – nobody, especially our armed forces, will say things like Benthic Ranger or Hatteras Abyssal Plain more than once before they create an acronym (“BR1 to BR2, do you copy?”) or a cool nickname (“The Hat”?). But maybe Chen does this on purpose, making CSAC all the more mysterious! ;^)

Looking forward to the next adventure of Mike Liu and the CSAC team.

By philc44

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