On Point Review of Falling Star

I just got this “on point” five star review of my very realistic Science Fiction Thriller, Falling Star:

“This is the kind of science fiction I enjoy reading. It is credible and creates a tangible suspense that keeps you thinking throughout. Solidly written, a captivating storyline, I highly recommend it not only to true sci-fi readers but also to those approaching the genre for the first time. The only reserve I have is that at times it becomes too descriptive when there is no real need, but some might enjoy the detail oriented structure of the book and it does in no way take away from the enjoyment of the story. A very satisfying read, indeed!”

Falling Star has received 54 four and five star reviews across the various online stores in which it is offered, including 27 in Amazon US and UK alone.

I hope that you will check it out and share this post.

Thank you,

By philc44

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