Written Over Twenty Years Ago, Falling Star Still Tells It Like It Is

According to an article in the Washington Post today, terror expert Peter Bergen used the following characterization to describe Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan:

“It was as if the compound’s inhabitants were living at a makeshift but long-term campsite.”

Readers of my novel, Falling Star, may find this description eerily similar to how one of my characters described the living accommodations of a terrorist:

“Mildred went through the few possessions of Julie Davenport. She was amazed at the lack of personality in the room. It was almost as if Davenport had been camping out.

Maybe, thought Mildred, that is exactly what Julie Davenport was doing.”

But Falling Star was written in 1990-1991 and released in 2010.

Sometimes I scare myself by the prescience that Falling Star contains, such as the Russian spy ring discovered in 2010 (and the reason that I finally decided to self-publish) and the huge mysterious object that was found on the floor of the Baltic Sea by Swedish explorers in 2011.

If you haven’t read Falling Star, you might want to if only to see what else is coming down the pike for us in real life.  You can check it out as part of A Triple Thriller Fest, a box set with co-authors Michael Wallace and Gordon Ryan at http://amzn.to/ATripleThrillerFest or on its own at http://amzn.to/Falling-Star

 The Washington Post story can be found at http://wapo.st/IaPvzN.

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