3 comments on “The Counting Game

  1. Momma got a government food debit card and a social security disability check, and her children get food cards too! Wonder who pays for all this? Don’t worry, the deficit will pay for it? Who dat? The deficit has trillions! Oh, we owe trillions? You mean me? I can’t pay that. So let’s just put more on the deficit that I can’t pay anyway. Who cares? Obama doesn’t care.

    • The enormous debt was mostly incurred during the administration of George W. Bush, who gave tax deductions to the rich and paid for it by borrowing debt. He then proceeded to wreck the national and the international economic system by immature decisions. As someone who paid a marginal rate of 39 percent for most of my life, I do not believe that your description of a welfare mother is at fault. Who is at fault is any administration that does not tax fairly and pays for it by borrowing more debt. Doing so is wealth redistribution by giving to the rich and taking from the middle class.

      • Biggest immaturity was Barney Frank threatening banks to issue mortgage loans to those clearly unable to make payments in order to be helping the downtrodden. Democrat cartpetbaggers wrecked housing and ruined lives. Bush warned Frank while President but got the brush off from Democrat House. Now the congressional tongue lashings of banks is Kabuki theater for cover on the instigators of our crisis who put all blame on banks. Wow what a country.

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