The Rosie Ruiz of Grandma’s

Remember Rosie Ruiz?  She was the gal who finished the Boston Marathon in 1980 in record time, in fact winning the women’s race.  Small problem; it seemed that Rosie was tired of the tedium of running one foot after another, so she allegedly cheated and rushed out to join the marathon in the last few legs.  She was subsequently disqualified.

The Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth is considered a particularly hard run and few people can finish it in less than three hours.  In an extraordinary move, one person who had never run a marathon in his life said that he had finished Grandma’s in two hours and fifty some minutes.  Extraordinary.  So extraordinary that the funner had to retract his boast; his real time was four hours and one minute.  That runner is Paul Ryan, the Rosie Ruiz of Grandma’s.

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