More On Rosie Ryan

Apparently, I am not the only person who saw a parallel between marathon fibber Rosie Ruiz and marathon fibber Paul Ryan.  None other than Nobel Laurette, Paul Krugman took the time to opine why the Ruiz-Ryan connection is more than an exaggerated time for the Grandma’s Marathon.  It seems to be more systemic for the Republican vice-presidential nominee.

If you have only run one marathon in your life (which is far more than I have ever run or considered running), I suspect that you would know that a sub-three hour time is a “wow!” statement and a four hour time is a job well-done.  Only a pronoid would think that no one would check up on that time.  Under three hours on your first and only marathon makes you a superman.  Lying about it, makes you, well, n0t to be trusted in anything.

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