George Will Questions The Romney/Ryan Tax Plan

On ABC’s Roundtable, conservative pundit George Will questioned Mitt Romney’s tax plans saying (in part),

“And we know where the big money is: mortgage interest deductions, charitable deductions, taxing that’s compensation, which it is, employee-provided health insurance, and state and local taxes. All of those, you either hit only the rich, in which case you don’t get much money, or you hit the middle class.”

If it can’t be said any clearer than this, I just do not know.  The Republican ticket is going to tax middle class Americans by taking away mortgage and other deductions in order to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to the very rich.  Shall we say it again?  Listen to the conservative’s own pundit; at least he is telling you the truth.

Don’t believe me?  Listen for yourself; look for it at the *:52 minute mark.

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