4 comments on “No Challenge Is Too Great For These Two

  1. Ryan and Romney don’t seem like royalty. It seems Pelosi and Reid seem to hold their nose up in the air like they think they’re above the common folk, sort of like Obama. Looking forward to bringing back the USA to prosperity, and Obama can take the credit for the recovery and claiming he makes the sun rise in the East too. We don’t care about taking credit, we care about taking initiative. Failure and poverty are the new economy ideas of Obama.

  2. The fallacy in your scenario is that Romney/Ryan will leave welfare in place. They will get rid of welfare and healthcare for all but the very rich. You and I will be serfs to their kingdoms, just like the Romans and the French did.

    I worked for thirty years with people like these two and know how they think. It is everything for them and none for the likes of us.

    If you want to be a serf in the kingdom of Romney and Ryan, so be it. I sure don’t.

  3. Democrats should be happy that Romney and Ryan failures will grow economy with MORE food stamps, and unemployment benefits. Pelosi knows this will grow economy more than anything else. Democrat plan will win anyway with these 2. What’s the problem?

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