How Did This Movie Unfold

There is more that has been learned about “Sam Bacile” and his anti-Islamic movie “trailer.”  It appears that it was made in 2011 using a script about a desert adventure set in the past.  According to CNN this was how it was sold to cast and crew, who have gone on the record as saying that the film was not shot as an anti-Islamic film.  After the initial filming, the movie was dubbed or “looped” according to one actor who was interviewed by CNN.  The actor said that she was asked to come back and do some more lines for the movie, but says that even at that time, it was still a desert adventure movie with no mention of the prophet Mohammed.

Between the filming and its first showing last year, the film had morphed into something called, “The Innocence of Bin Laden” and opened to puny crowds.

In July of this year it surfaced on YouTube as a movie trailer, and was translated into Arabic sometime thereafter.  “Sam Bacile” was identified as the uploader and producer.  It appears that “Sam Bacile” may be a fictional character, himself.

The questions that need to be asked are:

1.  Who is “Sam Bacile.”

2.  Who is the financial backer of this film.

3.  Who financed the alterations to this film to make it anti-Islamic.

4.  Why was this film uploaded to YouTube in July of this year.  What was the significance of this timing.

5.  Who financed the translation of the dialogue in this film into Arabic.

6.  Do we know the staffer in the American embassy in Egypt who issued the first message that was picked up and commented on by Mitt Romney.

This shabby episode has the trappings of a political dirty trick that went horribly wrong.   The United States needs to have answers to these questions.  To recall a famous quote from Watergate: “Follow the money.”


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