More on Anti-Islamic Film

Bloggers and the mainstream media are all on the hunt for the provenance of the “Sam Bacile” anti-Islamic movie.  One blogger has just posted a very interesting analysis of the people behind this movie and has some startling disclosures:

This is a Swift Boat Attempt upon the current president. But instead of using film, a medium whose threads could be trace, they decided to use Muslims who have no accountability, and basically  pull out of the same play-book as 1980, and stage an embassy takeover to bring down Jimmy Carter and put Ronald Reagan (oh my… what a wonderful coincidence that the hostages get released as soon as Reagan ,pronounced as President of the United States of America, gets beamed to Iran…)  Oh, yeah that’s right.  It was Dick Cheney was authored that. With that much guilt, I’d have heart attacks too…

The link got pulled within the past three hours,  but earlier according to Google, one of  the backers of this $5 million film was Sheldon Adelson, who once backed Gingrich,  and then flipped to Romney.   Very soon we will know who the others were.

From Kavips.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock and did not get the memo, Sheldon Adelson is the Las Vegas casino mogul who allegedly has pledged 100 million dollars to super PACS to support Mitt Romney’s campaign.  While this may seem like an enormous sum of money to some of us, it is reported that Adelson will likely receive over 2.3 billion dollars in tax benefits should Romney win.  With an outcome like that, investing a few million in a low budget movie is chump change.

Like I said in an earlier post: Follow The Money

One comment on “More on Anti-Islamic Film

  1. The footage I saw did not cost a few million dollars. They could have found better actors for that much. The word “Mohammed” is clearly dubbed in. There is something very fishy indeed about the whole thing.

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