Do You Want A Supreme Court Filled With More Of These

Then vote for Romney.  You will get a Supreme Court that will be immutably beholding to corporate conservative views,  misogynistic views on women’s rights, and rigid on their desire to move the United States towards a theocratic society.

This may be the most important issue in this election.  Do we really want a Supreme Court that is dominated by a corporate/conservative agenda, never mind what the Constitution may or may not say?

How can this happen?  It is very likely that in the next term, the president will be able to elevate one, if not two, justices to the Supreme Court.

If Mitt Romney is elected, you can bet your britches that we will see at least Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg replaced by another Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas. That move alone will give the conservatives a 6-3 majority for the foreseeable future.  If you haven’t been living under a rock and didn’t get the memo, Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life and set their own ethics rules, or lack thereof.

Jeffrey Toobin just wrote a book, The Oath, about the contrasts between President Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts.  In his review of this book, Jeffrey Rosen concludes that the most compelling issue is what would happen if another conservative is elevated to this court.  It is chilling.


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