A Simple Proposal

If you believe in what Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney stands for, do something about it.

1.  When you reach the age of 65, refuse to accept Medicare; continue paying for private medical insurance.

2.  When you are eligible, do not accept Social Security.

3.  If you are out of work, do not accept unemployment  benefits.

4.  Home school your children and do not send them to any extracurricular activities, like sports, that may be funded with tax dollars.  Let’s get rid of those overpaid, freeloading teachers.

5.  If you have no health benefits and your child is deathly ill, do not accept Medicaid.

6.  If you do not have health insurance, can’t hang around the emergency rooms when you are ill or have been injured.

7.  If you are a serviceman or servicewoman who served honorably and need some help coming home, do not ask for it.

8.  Do not take your family to any National Parks or monuments.

9.  Insist that airports get rid of those freeloading air traffic controllers.

10.  Can’t afford college, do not request any financial aid and get a job.  Get rid of Pell grants.

11.  Starting a small business, refuse any loans from the Small Business Administration.

12.  If you have been the victim of a crime or your house is on fire, do not call the police or the fire department.  Hire your own.

13.  Going somewhere.  Don’t drive on the interstate or other federally funded highway.

14.  Your house was destroyed in a hurricane or a tornado?  Reject the offer of assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

15.  Think your neighbor might be planning a terror attack, do not call the FBI or Homeland Security.

16.  Refuse to go through the TSA screening procedure when boarding a airplane.

17.  Refuse any medications or treatment that might have been discovered in a federally funded research program.

18.  Only eat meat that has not gone through federal inspection.

19.  Do not buy toys for your children that have gone through safety review by the federal government.

20.  Do not listen to or heed any warnings from the National Weather Service.

These are only twenty of the many ways that you can help advance Governor Romney’s plan to combat waste in the federal government and reduce taxes for the very wealthy.  I am sure that you can some up with many more.

Now, there.  Don’t you feel better already?


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