Closing In

Innocence of Muslims protests

It was a seminal moment in the 2012 campaign for President of the United States.  A film, purportedly produced, filmed, edited and distributed entirely by a small time felon in California, morphed into an anti-Islamic rant, translated into Arabic that inflamed mobs to riot in Egypt and Libya.  As the riots engulf these two nations, word arrives that our embassies and consulates are under siege.  A tweet calling for calm is released that tries to calm things down by saying that the film was wrong to insult Muslims.  Candidate Mitt Romney jumps on this opportunity to decry the failings of the Obama Administration to stand up for America.

And then, news comes that the American Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens was killed in Benghazi along with three other Americans.

As we try to find out who was responsible for this film and its aftermath, we are told that it was a only small petty crook who was somehow able to make this film with no known capabilities in producing, casting, filming, editing, dubbing, and distributing films irrespective of how conveniently crudely made the film might be.  As the trail unravels, more and more people are identified as helping the so-called “Sam Bacile.”  But just as quickly, these people all disavow being more than mere bystanders.

Now The Nation starts filling in the blanks and connecting the dots as various players come closer and closer to the Romney campaign.  Just who came up with the idea for Innocence of Muslims, who facilitated it, who paid for it, and who is ultimately responsible.  Follow the Money.

We have to do this – four brave Americans died in Benghazi.  We as a nation need to know why.

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