Mitt Romney’s Ties To Anti-Islamic Film

The Romney team is relying heavily on a disinformation campaign that President Obama did not correctly identify the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, as a terrorist attack, but attributed it to a mob incited by the anti-Muslim video, “Innocence of Muslims.”  Even though Romney was rebuked by the moderator at the second presidential debate for being disingenuous about his claim that the President did not use the word terror, he and his surrogates persist in claiming that Obama did not correctly identify it as a terrorist attack.


There is an old saying, “The Man Doth Protest Too Much?”

From the start, Mitt Romney refused to condemn “Innocence of Muslims” and used its existence to slam the current administration.  Only after four days did candidate Romney say anything about the film.  His curious condemnation deserves some review.  He told George Stephanopoulos that the whole film was a terrible idea.

Bad idea?  What did Mitt Romney mean by that?

The Nation, published a article on the making and distribution of “Innocence of Muslims” that makes some interesting connections between the video and close anti-Muslim associates of Mitt Romney.  This article should be a must read for anyone who cares about how the tragedy of Benghazi came about.

I think that it is time for Candidate Mitt Romney to tell the American electorate just what he knows about the making and distribution of “Innocence of Muslims” and when he knew it.  We have a right to know.

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