What Mitt Really Thinks! Disaster Relief Is Like Picking Up Trash. — PLEASE SHARE

This is incredible.  Even as he is “helping” the 47 percent, he can’t help but disparage them by comparing the disaster relief effort to picking up trash.

Mr. Romney, surveying the piles of donated goods, recalled a time he was in high school when classmates discovered a football field littered with trash.

“And the person who responsible for organizing the effort said, just line up along the yardlines. You go between the goal line and the 10 yard line. And the next person, between 10 and 20, and then just walk through and do your lane. And if everybody cleans their line, why, we’ll be able to get the job done. And so today, we are cleaning one lane, if you will,” he said.

As we have learned since this post ran, it makes sense that Mitt Romney would say something like this: The entire “disaster relief event” was a piece of trash that was faked to give Mitt a crass photo op.


12 comments on “What Mitt Really Thinks! Disaster Relief Is Like Picking Up Trash. — PLEASE SHARE

  1. Allegory is a device in which characters or events represent or symbolize ideas and concepts. Allegory has been used widely throughout the history of art, and in all forms of artwork. A reason for this is that allegory has an immense power of illustrating complex ideas and concepts in a digestible, concrete way.

    He is using the Allegory to show public service with people each doing they part to accomplish the “task”. The task is the relief of Sandy’s victims, each and every person involved has their part to do. THAT was the ALLEGORY!

    • Thank you for your comment. My post is focused on the fact that Mitt Romney can only think about an incident at his very expensive prep school Cranbrook in which he had to pick up trash on a football field as being comparable to collecting canned goods for the victims of a real tragedy.

      Allegory or not, most people would not have immediately thought of trash collection as synonymous with collecting for disaster relief.

      I am not putting any words in the Governor’s mouth, he has conveniently done that himself.

  2. OK, I dislike Mitt Romney intensely and think that he is the WORST possible choice we could ever have for president; however, I think some of the complaints about his verbal gaffes are overreaches meant just to inflame passions against him, much like they do to us. He was talking about how the trash-picking event was organized, NOT that disaster relief was like picking trash. He is so very out of touch, the only thing he could relate what he was doing with the relief effort was the organized effort to clean a football field. But, he wasn’t saying that collecting for disaster relief was like picking trash. I’m sorry, but even I can see that. I hate when things are deliberately taken out of context and given meanings that were never intended.

  3. What, did the morning star guy go to special “socialism” training? Tell you what, I have met a few Green berets, they are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

    • Boykin is the executive vice president of the Family Research Council, an ultra conservative Christian group that has been quite busy this election cycle. The Southern Poverty Law Center has listed FRC as an anti-Gay hate group. This sort of says it all. It is misleading for Boykin not to disclose this affiliation in the video.

    • I think that the general is a wingnut, but you are welcomed to comment. Keep in mind that it was George W. Bush who initiated the government bailout of the financial sector. If anything, I see the Tea Party as being more similar to Castro type force than the majority of Americans.

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