So, Did They Take This Away? — PLEASE SHARE

The Daily Kos has an article today stating that the United States Secret Service, as is their practice, stopped protecting Mitt Romney and his sidekick, Paul Ryan, the moment that they ceased their activity as candidates for POTUS and VPOTUS (is there such an acronym?). Apparently the order to stand down was quick with the two former candidates having to leave their posh hotel rooms like common folk; no flashing red lights, motorcycle escorts, and such.  This must have been a real let down for someone who had a lifelong love for men in uniforms, especially police uniforms, which he apparently wore as a young man impersonating Michigan State Troopers.

I am sure that the burning question for many will be whether the Secret Service took back the above lapel pins from both former candidates, which had the country abuzz with speculation as to what was on their flag pins.

The main thrust of the controversy was whether their flag pins should have been embellished with whatever.

A story was famously circulated that the United States Secret Service was so smitten with Mitten and boy wonder that they give them American Flag pins with the official Secret Service shield embedded on them.  Interestingly, neither President Barack Obama nor Vice-President Joe Biden wore flag pins with similar embellishments.

One line of hype had this as a secret signal that Mitten and boy wonder were so revered by even the Secret Service, whereas Obama and Biden were not.

Read more about why I thought Romney wore a flag pin that had been altered in contravention to the U.S. Flag Code HERE.


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