O.K., The Train Just Went Off The Track PLEASE SHARE

I was not going to comment on the “Patraeus Affair”, because I did not feel like engaging in salacious gossip.  O.K., maybe I do engage in some salacious gossip, but I thought this was cut and dried.  The general slept with someone and got caught, enough said.

But this thing is getting awfully strange.

Apparently, the woman who first complained about receiving threatening emails, later reported as coming from Paula Broadwell, the general’s incidental squeeze, is identified by news reports as a Tampa area socialite of Lebanese heritage who happened to like the officers of the Central Command – a lot.  She hosted parties for them and basically ingratiated herself into their professional and private lives.  She even went into a lot of debt to host these lavish soirees.

Now comes suggestions that part of her activities with the Central Command was to serve as an informal contact with officials in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries.


As you know, the U.S. Central Command is the Defense Department’s lead command for waging the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To paraphrase the Bard, “something is rotten in Lebanon.”

She was a S.O.C.I.A.L.I.T.E. not an emissary to foreign governments, or was she?  Read the Washington Post article HERE.

What started out as a stupid act on the part of General Patraeus is now shaping up to be something that a serious author of thrillers (which I am) just might get interested in.  Stay tuned.

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