Was He Punked? — PLEASE SHARE

Mitt Romney at his Wednesday, November 14, conference call with his financial backers said that former President Bill Clinton called him last week and gave him his thoughts on the election.

ABC News reports that President Clinton supposedly complimented Mitt Romney on his campaign and volunteered that he, Clinton, thought that Romney had the election in the bag until Hurricane Sandy struck.

“Clinton” further confided to Mitt Romney that when he heard Romney’s wife, Ann, speak at the Republican Convention, he was so impressed that he considered becoming a Republican.

Read the article HERE.

O.K. I am going out on a limb here to be the first one to say that I think Mitt was punked, or pranked, or tricked, or whatever else you want to call it.

First, I doubt that Clinton would go off message so quickly after the election and tell Mitt that he should have won.

Second, the part about Mitt’s wife is pure play on Clinton’s alleged proclivity for a well-turned ankle.

I will now wait for whatever morning radio talk show to announce that it had punked Mitt Romney with a Clinton impersonator.

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