Apartheid Had Its Dompass; North Carolina Calls It A Voter Registration Card


During Apartheid in South Africa, blacks could not travel without official identification, which they called the Dompass.  It is said that Dompass was the blacks cynically calling the registration a dumb pass in Afrikaans.

The governor of North Carolina has just signed legislation requiring all voters to carry voter identification.  I wonder what people will call it.

The following is my guess as to what the voter registration form might look like.


One comment on “Apartheid Had Its Dompass; North Carolina Calls It A Voter Registration Card

  1. While this is tongue in cheek, there is a law that was passed (federal law) in 2005…the Real ID Act. It was scheduled to go into full operation a few years ago, but states have had a hard time implementing it, and so has been delayed until 2017. This act requires that certain standards be met if the ID you obtain from the state is to be used for any federal purpose (welfare, entrance to federal buildings) or to fly on commercial planes. My state of WV is already offering both the Real ID and the regular ID, which will be required in the above year. Check out the requirements for obtaining the ID…especially for women who have been married more than once:


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