It Was That Pesky 47%’s Fault — PLEASE SHARE

Mitt Romney didn’t have to go very far in his binder to describe how he lost the 2012 election to his financial supporters.

The purpose of the call was for him to tell his financial backers that their “investment” of over one billion dollars to assure his election as POTUS had yielded a “return on investment (ROI)” of zero.  Always an awkward conversation for a brilliant takeover and private equity fund manager to have, at best.

In a telephone conference call on Wednesday, November 14, less than two weeks after suffering a devastating defeat at the polls to President Barack Obama, Mitt only had to recall his words at the infamous “private donor meeting” this last May.

In Wednesday’s teleconference call, the Los Angeles Times says Mitt stated

that his loss to President Obama was due in large part to his rival’s strategy of giving “gifts” during his first term to three groups that were pivotal in the results of last week’s election: African Americans, Latinos and young voters.

O those shiftless forty-seven percenters, sitting around waiting for the government dole.

Magnanimously, Mitt finished his conference call by telling this supporters that HE, Mitt Romney, will personally select the next GOP candidate for POTUS in 2016 and that they can help him, but alas and alack – it won’t be him.  Emperor Mitt?

His Dad Was A 47 Percenter

There is nothing to be ashamed about being poor and destitute, especially when the world’s economy has collapse around you.  You didn’t cause it, you worked hard and tried to plan for the future but the world failed to return the fruits of your hard labor.  Practically every family in America has had to go through it at sometime in their history.  This is, after all, the story of the American dream.

Even families that proudly boast of their ability to take care of themselves sometimes need a safety net.  The following is one family’s story.

Are You A Forty-Seven Percenter?

How does the election directly affect you?  Let’s look at some of the things that Republican administrations either sought to do or did in their terms that affect you and your children.

Ketchup is a vegetable and not a condiment — Ronald Reagan

Previously used only in animal feed, Pink Slime is approved for human consumption — George W. Bush

What you can expect if Mitt Romney is elected.

The only thing you can count on is what Mitt Romney told his “peers.”

My job is not to worry about those people..:” Mitt Romney.

If you care what your kids eat in school lunch rooms, what is in your hamburger and other foods, or how you will provide for your family’s healthcare, please heed the lessons learned.

Those who do not remember or understand history are bound to repeat it.

Please Vote on November 6th.


My Take On His Private Talk

Mitt Romney believes that,

1. Forty-seven percent of all Americans are a shiftless bunch of parasites living day-to-day for our next dole from the government for their medical care, food, and housing.  See the Washington Post fact checking article.

2. He wishes he were Latino, because Latino will only vote for one of their color. Huh?

3. Chinese workers are so industrious and will withstand crowded dormitory living, locked behind fences with barbed wire on top, to work for their overseers.  See the video.

It just dawned on me. Mitt Romney shouldn’t be running for President of the United States, he should be running for Premier of the Peoples Republic of China.