Something To Remember On November 6th

Which man do you want to lead our armed forces?  Someone who understands the value of retribution or someone who does a spreadsheet first to determine the return on investment for bringing the world’s most dangerous criminal to justice?

I think that a lot of families in America felt some degree of closure on the evening of May 1, 2011.  I know that I did since the attack on the World Trade Center was personal to me.

I worked on various floors above the 100th floor of Two World Trade Center for about six years in the eighties.  Two World Trade Center was struck by the terrorists between the 77th and 85th  floors, a crash that sealed the fate of everyone working above the 76th floor.  Although I moved out of Two World Trade long before the fateful day, it is still chilling to think what would have been if I were at my desk working on that bright, clear September morn.

Our Descent Into Hell

Including yesterday’s murders at a Sikh temple in Milwaukee but not counting the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, around 620 of our people have died in mass killings or massacres in the last thirty years; around 810 have been injured.  The means used by most killers have been handguns and assault rifles.

The dead include people from all walks of life, teachers, ministers, police officers, first responders, children, and even babies.

When you add in the September 11th  attacks those numbers rise to almost 3,600 dead and 7,100 injured.

When will this madness end?