You Have Got To Love These Guys

By playing the race card in summarily dismissing Colin Powell’s endorsement of President Barack Obama for President of the United States, chief Romney surrogate, John Sununu, reveals the Romney campaign’s fundamental reason why white people should vote for Mitt.

Of course, in the grand old tradition of the Grand Old Party wherein they say what is really on their mind, then immediately retract the statement and apologize, Sununu later retracted his claim that Powell was only supporting Obama because he is black.

All of the Republicans have done this from Akin to Mourdock to Romney, himself.

Remember what Mitt Romney said about the 47 percent and his later “apology?”  This tactic is so obvious and is so tacky.  But then, the GOP seems to be stuck in the Fifties and all that entails don’t they?

Get the real message you want out first, and then “apologize” for saying it.

Don’t let Racism win.


Have You Ever Had To

1. Turn a ship around in the ocean?

2. Stop a runaway train?

3. Corral a cattle stampede?

It Isn’t easy and it isn’t done on a dime.

That is what Barack Obama was faced with in January 2009.  The economy was spiraling out of control.  Imagine getting 300+ million people to agree on what to do.  Well, it takes time.  So what is the results after  three years and ten months?

1. The Stock Market has just enjoyed one of its best half years ever.

2. Unemployment is below 8 percent.

3.  The housing market has rebounded.

4.  The automobile industry is healthy.

5.  The financial industry is doing well.

6.  Health insurance is available to virtually all Americans.

7.  Home foreclosures are at the lowest level in five years.

Not bad for only three years and ten months; it took World War II to finally lift us out of the Great Depression which started in 1929 – that’s twelve years.  What we need to do is to continue working with the one man who has accomplished so much in such a short period of time to turn our ship of state around, in stormy seas no less.

Register to Vote and Vote Early on November 6th.

I Just Found This

Musician Joe Jackson has just released a new album called The Duke in which he reprises Duke Ellington tunes in surprising ways.  The following is his version of Caravan, using Iranian singer Sussan Deyhim whose haunting voice in Farsi gives the song a new dimension.  This rendition makes you feel as if you were really traveling through the desert sands of the Sahara, following a siren’s call.

I first heard this song on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” as I drove home after doing my bit to get Barack Obama reelected.  So I got to do two really great things today: work for Obama’s reelection and hear this song.