It Is 12/12/12 And Now A Word From Our Sponsor


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Unlike the Plutocracies of Old Europe, that you want so much to emulate, the Middle Class of America is the sea from which One Percenters of the Future arise.  Just think about that as you contemplate screwing them on the altars of the aging Oligarchs for whom you owe allegiance.  Do you really want to give up your Party’s future on these shores for the likes of Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson, and the Koch Brothers?

Dear GOP

Dear Speaker Boehner:

Can you please return the $2.6 Trillion that Congress borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund since President Reagan started using our money for non-Social Security purposes in 1983. Maybe then the whole issue of Social Security’s imminent demise will go away.  You said that you would, but you seem to have forgotten.  I know that you have been really busy with the affairs of state, but an IOU is an IOU.

By the way, just what did you use our money for?  We sure hope it wasn’t for something silly like giving the super rich another tax cut.

Thank you.

The 99%