A Subdued Holiday Greeting


This was going to be a festive season.  I had all these plans to reissue my Grumpy Santa cartoons to give an alternative view of the holiday season.  I even decorated my Dogon ladder in anticipation of the holidays.

But after September 14,  I lost that festive sense because I know that slamming Santa this year was not in the cards.  All of us lost a collective sense that somehow Christmas was a time for joyous celebration.  This is a wound that will take a long time to heal for us collectively, but for twenty-seven families this is a wound that will never heal.

Twenty children will not eagerly go to bed on Christmas eve to wait for reindeer hooves on the roof and the sound of those bells that reindeer have to wear or in anticipation of another holiday ;morning.  Six families will have an empty chair at the table for a hero school teacher or caregiver who will not be coming home for dinner.

We should also remember that a family in New Hampshire will be missing their daughter and sister who apparently was trying to do the right thing for her child.

I don’t have the desire to run those cartoons this year; I just want to hug my two granddaughters and hold them a little tighter this Christmas eve.  As for celebrating this holiday season publicly, I just want to play my most treasured Christmas hymn.

Do Not Buy This Book

Do not buy this book as a Holiday present if either you or the intended recipient still persist in the belief that one tiny elf can circumnavigate the entire globe distributing gifts to almost two billion children in the span of one evening using only carbon-based organisms for propulsion.

This investigative cartoon book lays bare the dark underbelly of Santa Inc.  See for yourself how this megabillion-dollar enterprise became wracked by greed, intrigue, pathos, and lassitude.

Just why is he so jolly all the time?

One of the major unanswered mysteries is exactly where Santa Inc. gets its funding.  The purchase of all this commercial merchandise is not reindeer feed, you know.  As we know reindeer feed, itself, can be very expensive especially with the Midwestern drought that has affected so much of the United States.

As we found out almost four decades ago: Follow the Money!

Just take a look at the sordid details on this supposed cartoon book HERE.

Don’t buy it, unless you are compelled to offer it up as a Holiday gift to some unsuspecting soul.  Perhaps, a person for whom you wish to completely destroy the meaning of Christmas.

Besides, if you have a Kindle or a Kindle APP, you can get the cartoons from this book along with over one hundred and forty other similarly warped cartoons for only $3.99, HERE.

Just be careful that you do not fall into this web of darkness or you may find your web browser acting as if it were a sentient being as it scrolls over to buy Grumpy Santa gifts HERE.

You have been warned.

If, on the other hand, you are willing to wait patiently for free cartoons on my website, I will be posting them from time to time, but it might take a little bit longer as you wait to see them posted and I am not getting any younger.

Get Your Grumpy Santa Christmas Tree Ornaments Now

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Let your kiddies know what they can expect for this holiday season.

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