Is This The Reason Why His Flag Pin Is Different? PLEASE SHARE

The purported manner in which the Republican candidate for POTUS received a flag lapel pin emblazoned with a Secret Service badge remains a mystery.

The reason why Mitt Romney would wear a desecrated American flag on his suit lapel may be explained in what appears to be a life-long fascination with men in police uniforms.  Impersonation of police officers in public is a sick fetish and is often associated with crimes against people.

It appears clear that Mitt Romney made it a practice to dress up in a Michigan State Trooper Uniform, put a flashing light on his white car, and stop innocent motorists for whatever reason.  It is also clear that this was not just the youthful indiscretion of a high school student as he continued the practice at Stanford University where he was a college student.  How long he persisted in this fetish after college is not known.

Impersonation of a police officer in public is not a joke, it is a crime that is punishable in all states.  Where one makes a habit of impersonating a police officer, society should take heed as some pretty serious crimes have been perpetrated by persons who stop motorists (particularly in violent crimes against women) while dressed as police officers.

It might be funny if done in the context of a private party, say a costumed ball, although such uniforms are typically distinguishable from real police attire.  However, if the memories of Mitt Romney’s classmates are true, his uniform was the real McCoy – a Michigan State Trooper uniform.  That takes the seriousness of his crime up a notch, particularly as he used it according to the stories to stop motorists in public.

The statute of limitations has probably run for this crime, but truth be told, we need to know why the person whom we are considering for President of the United States thought that this was O.K. to do, and if he still harbors such delusions.

Is this what we want in a President?


Too Bad That Facebook Didn’t Exist In

1965.  Maybe the social media giant could have made a difference for a young boy named John Lauber at a posh boarding school in Michigan.  You see, back then, no one stood up for Lauder who was set upon by a bunch of high school bullies who didn’t like the way he wore his hair.  This group led by the scion of a powerful political and industrial family in Michigan wanted to show this outsider that it wasn’t cool to dress or act different from them.

Recently, I was reminded of this incident that has floated off the front page.  You see, a young girl who is probably the female reincarnation of John Lauber was bullied by her classmates in Michigan (what is it with this State?) for being different.

But in this case, Whitney Kropp’s story was floated on Facebook and the results were dramatically different.  People from all over the world rallied to her defense and emboldened her to stand up against the bullies.  Her story of personal courage and how social media gave her that courage is one that has made a lot of difference to other kids who have or had been bullied.

But little good this story does for John Lauber, as he was ambushed forty-seven years ago and thrown to the ground so that his homophobic attackers could have their way with him.

One of the attackers chanced upon Lauber at an airport bar thirty years after the attack and offered his apologies .

Lauber replied that the attack had been horrible and that he had thought about the attack a lot since.

John Lauber has since passed away, so we cannot get his side of the story and the effect it had on his later life except, perhaps, for the brief exchange with his former tormentor in a bar at an airport.  Of course, he wasn’t around to hear the “apology” from the main bully.

But the main perpetrator of that attack is still very much with us and it would seem that his recent remarks at a private meeting show that the arrogance he had as a teenage bully is still a mainstay in his personality.  At that meeting, the teenage bully, now a leading politician told the assembled crowd of his “peers”, that he doesn’t really care about 47 percent of America, whom he calls “victims.”

We need to tell the world and our children that bullying is not right.  We need to demonstrate that to the teenage bullies who beat up the weak that it is not right and that beating up on the weak is also not right when they want to be President of the United States.

So despite which party you align yourself with, just remember a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for a bully; one that got away with it in 1965.  Don’t let him get away with it today.  You owe it to your children and to John Lauber.

“put up or shut up.”

That is what Mitt Romney told Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D. Nev.), in response to a charge by Senator Reid that Governor Romney had not paid any income tax for ten years.

Now that is a great presidential strategy.  Can you just imagine in the heat of debates with say, Vladmir Putin on missile defense telling Vladmire to “put up or shut up.”  “Okay, Mitt,” might just be Vladmir’s response as he reaches for his red button.

This type of response is so “school boy”, but then again didn’t Mitt learn how to get his point across in that setting?