Is This The Lapel Pin?

Romneys Flag Lapel Pin Said to Have the Secret Service Star on It

There are reports that the flag pins worn by GOP candidates Romney and Ryan were given to them by the U.S. Secret Service and that the embellishment is a replica of the Secret Service badge.

Something doesn’t sound right. 

Why would a non-Secret Service member (even a protectee) be allowed to wear the Secret Service badge?  Doesn’t the Secret Service have to abide by the laws of the United States of America that American flags cannot be embellished with another symbol?

I’m talking about the American flag, not some artistic treatment of the American flag, such as the flag serving as the background on a state pin.

I tried to find an official site that would indicate that the Romney/Ryan flag pin was a legitimate Secret Service artifact and found none.

In fact, what I found was no instance where an American Flag lapel pin was adorned with the Secret Service badge or anything else, for that matter.  I also surveyed (unscientifically) sites such as eBay (using Google) to see if any purported Secret Service label pins were so designed.  Once again, I found none.

The mystery continues.

I believe that anyone who truly cares for America would not desecrate the flag that hundreds of thousands of our bravest men and women gave their last measure of devotion to defend from the Revolutionary War to Iraq.  It is blasphemy to sully their memory in this way.

I fly my flag every day of the year in constant memory of those brave men and women.  It does not have any embellishments; it doesn’t need any.


Why Is His Flag Pin Different?

Why is Mitt Romney wearing an altered American Flag Lapel Pin?  Isn’t the normal American Flag good enough for him

Do the über rich have a different flag from the rest of us?  The above photos were from news reports at different times and from different camera angles, lest someone claim that it was just a reflection.