And The Beat Goes On – PLEASE SHARE


An apparent massacre in-progress at the University of Central Florida was foiled by an intended victim who telephoned 911 after being confronted by the shooter.  Responding police officers found the shooter dead from what looked like a self-inflicted wound on the floor of his dorm room.

Around the body were handguns, a semi-automatic assault type rifle, high volume magazines, home-made bombs, and a disturbing handwritten “time-line” with items scratched off as he prepared for his personal Armageddon.

The last item on the “timeline”, the critical item, was the implementation step the “Give Them Hell.”

In the mail room packages addressed to the deceased contained among other things two 110 shoot drum magazines, a thousand rounds of ammunition, and a DVD on how to use laser sights for weapons.

Meanwhile in Washington, the Senate announced that the ban on assault style weapons was dead on arrival.