In The Early Morning Hours Before We Restart The 2012 Election — PLEASE SHARE

Let us take some time to think about the lives lost and devastation wrought by this natural tragedy.  As a nation we need to come together and assemble all our resources to help the people who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  It didn’t matter if you were rich or poor, Sandy roared through and affected all of us from multimillion dollar homes and yachts on the Jersey shore to the humble homes of ordinary citizens in Queens; all of us.

What Mitt Really Thinks! Disaster Relief Is Like Picking Up Trash. — PLEASE SHARE

This is incredible.  Even as he is “helping” the 47 percent, he can’t help but disparage them by comparing the disaster relief effort to picking up trash.

Mr. Romney, surveying the piles of donated goods, recalled a time he was in high school when classmates discovered a football field littered with trash.

“And the person who responsible for organizing the effort said, just line up along the yardlines. You go between the goal line and the 10 yard line. And the next person, between 10 and 20, and then just walk through and do your lane. And if everybody cleans their line, why, we’ll be able to get the job done. And so today, we are cleaning one lane, if you will,” he said.

As we have learned since this post ran, it makes sense that Mitt Romney would say something like this: The entire “disaster relief event” was a piece of trash that was faked to give Mitt a crass photo op.


Mitt’s Soup Kitchen Moment — PLEASE SHARE

In anticipation of the impending tragedy of massive hurricane Sandy, Barack Obama suspended his campaign and  hastened back to the Situation Room in the White House where he could make sure that the resources of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other national resources would be mustered to respond to the storm.

The Situation Room is the place where he can be in contact with anyone, anywhere immediately.

His sense of urgency and immediacy has garnered praise from the most unlikely of places

Mitt Romney has also been busy.  He suspended his scheduled campaign rally in Ohio and then decided that he should change it into a disaster relief photo opportunity with all of the previously scheduled big names.  I mean why waste a perfectly good photo opportunity, eh?

At this rally, he asked for donations of canned goods and used clothing for the poor disaster victims to be gathered and distributed by the American Red Cross.  Good idea, but:

The American Red Cross can’t use canned goods or used clothing as they state on their website.  In fact such donations actually hinder their work and divert critically needed manpower and monetary resources from critical task:

“Items such as collected food, used clothing and shoes must be sorted, cleaned, repackaged and transported which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel.”

It’s sort of like washing previously cleaned pots and pans.  Actually it is worse than washing previously cleanded pots and pans.  It is like taking the clean pots and pans and throwing them in the mud so that the soup kitchen would have to wash them again.


Food For Thought This Week — PLEASE SHARE

Chris Christie Hurricane Sandy

However, Chris Christie seems to hold a different view:

“Governor Chris Christie this morning formally requested that President Barack Obama declare a pre-landfall emergency for New Jersey. This declaration would allow the State to request funding and other assistance for actions taken in advance of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to make landfall in New Jersey late Monday evening.”

Governor Christie, a main campaign surrogate for Mitt Romney, also had this to say about President Obama:

“I appreciated the president’s outreach today in making sure that we know he’s watching this and is concerned about the health and welfare and safety of the people of the state of New Jersey.”

Seriously, the pending disaster and possible human tragedy that is Hurricane Sandy and its combined effects with a “Northeaster” is frightening.  I hope that everyone heeds the warnings, seeks shelter, and evacuates low lying areas.  However, it is fair to mention that national calamities like this weather disaster can only be handled by a combined State and Federal effort, not by some privatized agency who will sell you insurance, or whatever, for a fee.

Privatizing disaster relief just will not work and it is foolhardy to think that it would.

Vote Today – Get Someone Else to Vote Too: PLEASE SHARE

Some people were denied the chance to vote for hundreds of years.  When the chance finally came after enduring brutal oppression for decades, the newly enfranchised came in orderly lines in the sweltering hot sun that stretched as far as the eye could see to make sure their voices were heard.

In our own country, the right to vote has not always be available to all.

But we have it now; don’t toss away what others have died for to give you: Your Right To Vote

This election day will be tough for some of us, with Hurricane Sandy having devastated so many communities on the East Coast, but a strong national government is seeing them through this crisis.  I hope that the victims of this national tragedy will be able to endure this additional burden and also cast their vote.  It is so important.