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After the Republican Party failed miserably in its cynical attempt to make the tragic deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, in Benhazi, Lybia, into a “September Surprise,” the GOP persists in its efforts to personally blame either President Obama or Secretary of State Clinton for those deaths.  The central question is the classic “what did you know” and “when did you know it” ruse.

The State Department went through a thorough investigation of the events leading to the deaths of the four Americans in the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.  The results of that investigation have been published and appear to be universally accepted as the true account of the events.

However, this has not prevented the GOP from continuing to make a spectacle of this horrible loss of Americans for political purposes.  The main theme  of their attack is that it wasn’t a Muslim mob incensed by a “crudely” made, but incendiary, video called, Innocence of Muslims, that precipitated the attack on the consulate, but that it was a concerted and planned attack by terrorists, possibly al Qaeda  inspired if not directed.

Speaking about the Innocence of Muslims, this blogger remains unconvinced that it was the work of a single ex-con albeit with some help from others.  I still believe that the Innocence of Muslims has all the hallmarks of a political dirty trick that went horribly awry.  Though “crudely” made, the elements that went into its production such as splicing words into the video, translating it into Arabic, and distributing it world-wide are not the stuff a relatively nudnik ex-con would know how to do.

Despite the final report by the independent investigation on Benghazi, the Republicans in the Senate and the House of Representatives chafed at their inability to directly question the Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  They had their chance yesterday.

The remarkable thing about this formalistic excoriation of Clinton, is the admission by Senator John McCain (R, Arizona) that he had prior knowledge of security inadequacies at the Benghazi compound.  (see his comments starting at time mark :31 in the following video).

Ahem.   John.

You are a United States Senator who professes to be especially imbued with a unique perspective on security matters.  When you received those messages warning about security failings at the Benghazi compound from Ambassador Stevens, what did you do?  Incidentally was it just one message or was it as you inferred in your comments numerous messages.  How many messages would it have taken for you to take action?

There is something called a telephone, something that you are surely familiar with.  Did you pick up that telephone and call the President or the Secretary?

By your own account, you may have been the first senior elected official in the United States to be directly appraised of the security lapses at this outpost — and yet, you did nothing.

Mitt Romney’s Ties To Anti-Islamic Film

The Romney team is relying heavily on a disinformation campaign that President Obama did not correctly identify the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, as a terrorist attack, but attributed it to a mob incited by the anti-Muslim video, “Innocence of Muslims.”  Even though Romney was rebuked by the moderator at the second presidential debate for being disingenuous about his claim that the President did not use the word terror, he and his surrogates persist in claiming that Obama did not correctly identify it as a terrorist attack.


There is an old saying, “The Man Doth Protest Too Much?”

From the start, Mitt Romney refused to condemn “Innocence of Muslims” and used its existence to slam the current administration.  Only after four days did candidate Romney say anything about the film.  His curious condemnation deserves some review.  He told George Stephanopoulos that the whole film was a terrible idea.

Bad idea?  What did Mitt Romney mean by that?

The Nation, published a article on the making and distribution of “Innocence of Muslims” that makes some interesting connections between the video and close anti-Muslim associates of Mitt Romney.  This article should be a must read for anyone who cares about how the tragedy of Benghazi came about.

I think that it is time for Candidate Mitt Romney to tell the American electorate just what he knows about the making and distribution of “Innocence of Muslims” and when he knew it.  We have a right to know.

Closing In

Innocence of Muslims protests

It was a seminal moment in the 2012 campaign for President of the United States.  A film, purportedly produced, filmed, edited and distributed entirely by a small time felon in California, morphed into an anti-Islamic rant, translated into Arabic that inflamed mobs to riot in Egypt and Libya.  As the riots engulf these two nations, word arrives that our embassies and consulates are under siege.  A tweet calling for calm is released that tries to calm things down by saying that the film was wrong to insult Muslims.  Candidate Mitt Romney jumps on this opportunity to decry the failings of the Obama Administration to stand up for America.

And then, news comes that the American Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens was killed in Benghazi along with three other Americans.

As we try to find out who was responsible for this film and its aftermath, we are told that it was a only small petty crook who was somehow able to make this film with no known capabilities in producing, casting, filming, editing, dubbing, and distributing films irrespective of how conveniently crudely made the film might be.  As the trail unravels, more and more people are identified as helping the so-called “Sam Bacile.”  But just as quickly, these people all disavow being more than mere bystanders.

Now The Nation starts filling in the blanks and connecting the dots as various players come closer and closer to the Romney campaign.  Just who came up with the idea for Innocence of Muslims, who facilitated it, who paid for it, and who is ultimately responsible.  Follow the Money.

We have to do this – four brave Americans died in Benghazi.  We as a nation need to know why.

More On The Anti-Islam Film

If the motive of the film was to incite Muslims, then the theory that this is a political dirty trick gone awry gets more traction.  Just consider the purpose of the movie, the fact that an Arabic version was released around the anniversary of September 11th, and that shady characters are being offered up as sacrificial goats.  FOLLOW THE MONEY.

More on Anti-Islamic Film

Bloggers and the mainstream media are all on the hunt for the provenance of the “Sam Bacile” anti-Islamic movie.  One blogger has just posted a very interesting analysis of the people behind this movie and has some startling disclosures:

This is a Swift Boat Attempt upon the current president. But instead of using film, a medium whose threads could be trace, they decided to use Muslims who have no accountability, and basically  pull out of the same play-book as 1980, and stage an embassy takeover to bring down Jimmy Carter and put Ronald Reagan (oh my… what a wonderful coincidence that the hostages get released as soon as Reagan ,pronounced as President of the United States of America, gets beamed to Iran…)  Oh, yeah that’s right.  It was Dick Cheney was authored that. With that much guilt, I’d have heart attacks too…

The link got pulled within the past three hours,  but earlier according to Google, one of  the backers of this $5 million film was Sheldon Adelson, who once backed Gingrich,  and then flipped to Romney.   Very soon we will know who the others were.

From Kavips.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock and did not get the memo, Sheldon Adelson is the Las Vegas casino mogul who allegedly has pledged 100 million dollars to super PACS to support Mitt Romney’s campaign.  While this may seem like an enormous sum of money to some of us, it is reported that Adelson will likely receive over 2.3 billion dollars in tax benefits should Romney win.  With an outcome like that, investing a few million in a low budget movie is chump change.

Like I said in an earlier post: Follow The Money