With Friends Like This

Kellyanne Conway, a consultant to Todd Akin compares him to David Koresh.  You remember David Koresh.  He fought the law and the law won, unfortunately over seventy men, women, and children were caught up in the conflagration that followed.  Is this really what Missouri needs?

UPDATE (10/26/12) – Add Another One; The Rape Doesn’t Get You Pregnant Or Rape Is Good Gang

The list is growing by the minute.  Rather than draft a new post each time, I will simply list all people (politicians or not; Republican, Democrat, or Other( who says that either rape does not result in pregnancy or that rape can be good:

Todd Akin (Republican candidate for Senate, Missouri): legitimate rape does not result in pregnancy.

Mike Huckabee (Former Republican governor of Arkansas and one time candidate for POTUS): Forcible rape has produced some exceptional people.

Steve King (Republican congressman, Iowa): Has never heard of instances of pregnancy resulting from incest or rape in statutory rape cases.

Bryan Fischer (Spokesman for the American Family Association): “real, genuine rape, a case of forcible rape,” would “make it impossible for her or difficult in that particular circumstance to conceive a child.”

Sharon Barnes (Republican District Committeewoman, Missouri): echoes Akin’s comments and adds that the few who do get pregnant are “blessed.”

Paul Ryan (Republican presumptive vice-presidential candidate): believes that life begins at conception and co-sponsored legislation that would allow hospitals to deny abortions even when it was necessary to save a woman’s life.

Gawker reports that Paul Ryan considers rape as just another form of conception.

More about Ryan’s remarks Here

Henry Aldridge (Republican State Representative, North Carolina) said that during rape “the juices don’t flow” so a woman cannot become pregnant.

Rick Santorum (Former Republican senator from Pennsylvania and former presidential candidate): rape babies are gifts from God.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson (Republican Senator from Texas): On her view of the GOP abortion plank that does not have any exemption for rape or incest, “I don’t think that anything that was said in the platform is against the focus on protecting life whenever possible,” she said. “And I think most people agree with that.”

Mitt Romney (Republican Presumptive Candidate for President): although he says that he would favor an exemption for rape and incest in any law prohibiting abortions, his actions as Governor of Massachusetts says otherwise.  Although he said while campaigning for that office that he would permit exceptions for rape victims, he vetoed a bill that would have allowed hospitals to offer the so-called “morning after” pill to rape survivors.  Thankfully, the Massachusetts legislature overrode his veto. Do not be fooled by empty campaign promises.  Remember the Etch-a-Sketch.

Tom Smith (Republican, Senate Candidate from Pennsylvania): Having a baby resulting from a rape is similar to having a child out of wedlock.

Rick Berg (Republican Candidate for Senate, North Dakota): Rape victims who get an abortion should go to jail for life.

Richard Mourdock (Republican Senatorial Candidate in Indiana): Pregnancies resulting from rape are intended by God

Joe Walsh (Republican Candidate for Congress in Illinois): There is no medical emergency that would necessitate an abortion

I will add to this list as more and more social conservatives go on the message that rape can”t make you pregnant or is good for you.  Check back often.

The Machinations Of The Last Few Days

on defining rape by social conservatives and their program for protecting human life as they define it kept calling up this song in my head.

My apologies to Joni Mitchell, but the futility of these last few days sadly calls for this song.


In Defense of Todd Akin,

Former Republican governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says that forcible rape has produced extraordinary people.

Fair-minded people must understand once and for all that Todd Akin’s position was not an aberration, but is systemic throughout social conservative thinking.  It is not an isolated case of a misspoken phrase; neatly shoved under the carpet by political spinmeisters.

Whether you are female or are male, but hold the females in your life dear to your heart, just think about this when you go into the voting booth.