Well, It Seems He Has One Supporter


Vladimir Putin says that he appreciates Mitt Romney’s candor and that it gives him comfort in knowing how to react.  He also said that even if Barack Obama should win reelection, someone else like Romney will come along in four years and Russia will regret that they might have given in to Obama on the critical issue of missile defense in Europe.  See the Washington Post article here.

“put up or shut up.”

That is what Mitt Romney told Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D. Nev.), in response to a charge by Senator Reid that Governor Romney had not paid any income tax for ten years.

Now that is a great presidential strategy.  Can you just imagine in the heat of debates with say, Vladmir Putin on missile defense telling Vladmire to “put up or shut up.”  “Okay, Mitt,” might just be Vladmir’s response as he reaches for his red button.

This type of response is so “school boy”, but then again didn’t Mitt learn how to get his point across in that setting?