BULLETIN — Ohio Must Allow Early Voting By All

The United States Supreme Court in a one sentence order denied the State of Ohio’s request for a stay of a court decision that would force the state to provide early voting on Saturday, Sunday and Monday for all voters.  Ohio had previously ruled that only military personnel could vote early.

Although the petition was received by Justice Kagan, it is a decision by the entire Supreme Court.  The coincidence of Kagan being the one to receive the original petition is just happenstance.  All the Justices rotate the duty of receiving petitions presented to the Court.  Justice Kagan is the designated Justice to receive emergency petitions for the Sixth Circuit in which Ohio resides.

The Supreme Court did not make a decision on the merits of this case, which can still be argued before the court should Ohio pursue the matter, but this denial of Ohio’s request opens the polls this election cycle for all persons eligible to vote on those days, not just members of the military.

The order refusing to grant an injunction against lower court orders to open up the polls is viewed as a strategic win for the Obama campaign as any further challenges by the State of Ohio will likely not be heard until after November 6, 2012.

Thus another attempt to deny citizens their voting privileges by Republicans has failed.

Vote Early If You Can!  Get others to vote early if they can.