It is Eerie


As you may know, I am currently working on the sequel to my very realistic science fiction thriller, Falling Star, which has received many nice reviews and has been downloaded by almost 30,000 readers.  In this sequel, I explore what would happen if a biological computer comprised of alien DNA were introduced into a human brain.

Now, it appears that this technology is not so farfetched as neurosurgeons are exploring the use of micro electrodes that can take over part of your brain.

The following is an excerpt from StarHome Bound, my latest W.I.P


Newport News, Virginia, CSAC Headquarters —

“Did they find the lab technician?”

“Yes sir,” replied Joe Mannington.  He had just entered Bob McHugh’s office.  “He died of the gunshot wounds; they found him behind the oil tanks on the docks.  The fifteen shots he took finally exsanguinated him.  The docs tell me that the amazing thing is that he even lived for the brief period that he did.”


“As you know, he was contaminated with some Alowfin that he was mixing with DSMO for injection into laboratory rats.  The doctors say that the spread of the alien tumors was practically explosive in his brain.  Apparently these things, whatever they are, took over the lab tech’s brain reaching into every portion of his nervous system within minutes of contamination.”

“Any explanation?”

“They theorize that the tumors set up a separate sentient being?”


“Sentient as in a functioning and thinking human being.”

“Are you suggesting that the lab technician was possessed?”

“No, Sir.  Not in the classic literary sense.  What the doctors are telling me is that the control of the lab tech’s body was done remotely by parties unknown.”

“That’s not funny, Joe.”

“I didn’t think you would think so Admiral.  The doctors think that the alien nodules grew and took over the tech’s body.  They further think that the neural network of foreign tissue is a biological computer capable of receiving and transmitting signals.”

“So he became a remotely controlled robot.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Joe, Mike Liu and his young assistant have been tracing the supplier of Alowfin.  They think that it is being produced sub rosa by a South African firm called, iEnzani.  The two leaders of the company are white South Africans who share a dubious distinction under the old Apartheid government as chemists devoted to furthering that oppressive regime.  One of them had the nickname of “Dr. Doom” because his experiments with psycho-altering drugs.”

“Doesn’t sound like terribly nice people.”

“That is an understatement.  Anyhow, Mike thinks that they may be making Alowfin in a factory in Swaziland under the aegis of electronic goods.”

“We should take that factory out.”

“Not so fast, Joe.  We need to find out if iEnzani is acting on its own or if it has any help.  Mike mentioned the possibility of an alien connection.”

“The Sentinels?” questioned Joe referring to the name that CSAC personnel often used for the suspected aliens manning the mysterious black objects at the bottom of the ocean.

“Possibly, unless there are others and that would be too scary.  By the way, Mike mentioned an encounter with a stranger with the palest blue eyes that he had ever seen.”

“Like the guy that I thought was Carlton Messinger in London?”

“Yeah, what is it with these pale blue eyes?”

“Now that you mentioned it the autopsy report on the lab tech said that his eyes were pale blue.”


“His security card and his driver’s license state that they are brown.”

McHugh just stared at Mannington.


I hope that you will consider getting a copy of Falling Star.