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Chris Christie Hurricane Sandy

However, Chris Christie seems to hold a different view:

“Governor Chris Christie this morning formally requested that President Barack Obama declare a pre-landfall emergency for New Jersey. This declaration would allow the State to request funding and other assistance for actions taken in advance of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to make landfall in New Jersey late Monday evening.”

Governor Christie, a main campaign surrogate for Mitt Romney, also had this to say about President Obama:

“I appreciated the president’s outreach today in making sure that we know he’s watching this and is concerned about the health and welfare and safety of the people of the state of New Jersey.”

Seriously, the pending disaster and possible human tragedy that is Hurricane Sandy and its combined effects with a “Northeaster” is frightening.  I hope that everyone heeds the warnings, seeks shelter, and evacuates low lying areas.  However, it is fair to mention that national calamities like this weather disaster can only be handled by a combined State and Federal effort, not by some privatized agency who will sell you insurance, or whatever, for a fee.

Privatizing disaster relief just will not work and it is foolhardy to think that it would.

Mitt Romney’s Triumphant Entry Into London

I do not understand all this fuss about Mitt Romney’s remarks about the 2012 London Olympics.

Within a few weeks we will find that the reception was actually a tremendous success for the hero of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.  We will find that Londoners were so appreciative of Mitt’s suggestions that they made some last minute changes thereby assuring that their troubled Olympics were rescued single handily by the skilful advice of this messiah.

How do I know this?

Because in a few weeks, Mitt will retroactively make sure that his troubles over this small difference of opinion between two statesmen of common Anglo-Saxon heritage is seen in the positive light that it really was.

Read about his current problems here.  From what I can see, the only failure in the 2012 London Olympics was that the private company that was hired to provide security for the Olympics failed to deliver on their contract.  That is O.K., because in the true spirit of privatization they will apparently be paid in full for their lack of performance.