First Twinkies And Now, This?

What a disturbing two weeks this has been.  First, we are told that Twinkies, the delicious snack of our youth that was supposed to last for the ages (no, not the brand, the actual snack would stay fresh looking for the ages) has been tossed into the dustbin of history.

Now comes fundamentally disturbing word that the city where it all began: the city of flower power, the Age of Aquarius, Carol Doda, The Gold Coast, Free Love, and the youth movement has …..





I can’t even force myself to say it……





But I will try for journalism’s sake ……





Excuse me as I wipe a tear from my eye …..





San Francisco, the shining light at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge has




Banned, yes banned,





Public Nudity.

I Was Going To Write A Snarky Post

Until I started to really think about what Moira Johnston is trying to do.  As long as the law and society maintains different standards for men and women, women will never be able to achieve their true place as equals in this country.  If people are offended by women going bare-breasted in public, I would submit that they should be equally opposed to men doing the same.

I think that Moira Johnston is a courageous young woman, who is willing to stand up for her principles.  I reiterate that Moira Johnston has broken no law since New York laws regarding public nudity apply equally to men and women.

Good for you, Moira.