Still Pushing Rape Babies — PLEASE SHARE

Kelly Burrell is the star of Missouri Republican Senate Candidate Todd Akin’s latest commercial.  In the ad, Ms. Burrell speaks about having an abortion and having been raped.  The ad carefully sidesteps whether the mother of two had an abortion following a rape, though that is certainly the implication of the spot.

The interesting thing that is not explored in the ad is Ms. Burrell’s relationship with Congressman Akin and his son.  Their history is more involved than the simple  appearance in this advertisement as a raped woman having an abortion and then regretting it would suggest.  Read the article that appeared well before this ad here.

That old dog Akin and his Republican cohorts just won’t let that bone go.



Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.” (Exodus 20:7, King James Version)

Simply put, I believe that this commandment clearly states that one should not misuse the name of the Lord to gain an advantage in a secular discourse.  I will admit that I am not particularly religious, but I do believe that using God to justify a political position would be abhorrent to most people in the Judeo-Christian world.

Saying that God “gifts” rape babies or that it is God’s “intent” that a baby should be born out of rape is blasphemy in my view, and I believe that most people would agree.  The Republican position on this matter is offensive and I hope everyone remembers on November 6, 2012, that it is not just one or two of them that say it to justify their party’s platform that abortions will be made illegal without exception.  Too many of them espouse this atrocious claim for the rest of us not to notice.  Make sure your VOTE is heard on November 6th.

See my post on the ever growing list of Republicans who hold this sick view.

Obfuscate All You Want, Mitt

Republican Senatorial Candidate Richard Mourdock, whom you endorse and have campaigned for, has said that pregnancies resulting from rape are intended by God, and as such must not be terminated via an  an abortion.  You say that is not your position and you reject Mourdock’s claim.

Mourdock is merely espousing the GOP’s stated position as enshrined in the Party’s Platform for this election.  You are the GOP’s standard bearer and you swore that you would support the GOP’s Platform in the 2012 Election. Simply stated the GOP’s platform will not permit any abortions, even in cases of rape or incest.

If you are going to disavow the comments made by every one of the candidates that you are supporting in this election as their standard bearer, at what point will you disavow that you are even the Republican Candidate for President of the United States?

You can’t have it both ways, Mitt!

I have a list of Republican who say that “Rape is Good“, Richard Mourdock has just been added to the list.


Please Register To Vote; Your Freedoms Are At Stake

Don’t believe it?   Just look what the Conservative Party is doing in the U.K.  One of their first actions upon assuming leadership of the United Kingdom Parliament was to start dismantling social safety nets such as the Disability Living AllowanceParalypians are one group of many who will be adversely affected by this proposed change.

Now the Conservative Party’s Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt is setting his sights on limiting a woman’s right to choose to only the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.  This move would have the consequence of stopping the effective use of amniocentesis by woman to determine the in utero health of their unborn children since it is considered a very dangerous procedure if used in the first twelve weeks of term.  This is an effective way to stop a woman’s right to choose in its tracks.

What a limitation to the first twelve weeks means is that you will have to make a decision to terminate a pregnancy without any scientifically approved diagnosis since amniocentesis is too dangerous.  Following the first twelve weeks, if you or your doctor believe that there are problems with the fetus and find that the situation is correct using amniocentesis, the UK law would prohibit you from terminating the pregnancy except under very rare circumstances.

Of course in the United States, the Republican Party is far more direct about limiting a woman’s right to choose: women will have no rights whatsoever, even in cases of incest or rape.  After all, Republicans consider rape babies a “gift from god.”

Do you think that this is just empty rhetoric; just take a look at what is happening in the U.K.

Not only will the Republican Party take irrevocably take away a woman’s right to choose.  The country is just one Supreme Court justice away from overturning Roe v. Wade.  Supreme Court justices are appointed for life.  The next sitting president will get to choose at least two justices, if you consider the ages of the oldest members of the court.  Even one more conservative justice appointed by a politically motivated president means that Roe v. Wade will be history for not just you, but your daughters and possibly your granddaughters, irrespective of which party is in power in the intervening years.


If you do nothing else between now and November 6th, please register to vote and get your friends to register to vote.  Then on November 6th, make sure that everyone votes.  Do it like your life, and the lives of your daughters and granddaughters depend on it, because it does.