The Machinations Of The Last Few Days

on defining rape by social conservatives and their program for protecting human life as they define it kept calling up this song in my head.

My apologies to Joni Mitchell, but the futility of these last few days sadly calls for this song.


Todd Akin’s Position Is Not

an aberration.  It fundamentally subscribes to the Republican Party’s position espoused by its platform committee that calls for a constitutional amendment on protecting “human life” which will be a broad anti-abortion stand that is pointedly silent on exceptions for incest or rape.

In Defense of Todd Akin,

Former Republican governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says that forcible rape has produced extraordinary people.

Fair-minded people must understand once and for all that Todd Akin’s position was not an aberration, but is systemic throughout social conservative thinking.  It is not an isolated case of a misspoken phrase; neatly shoved under the carpet by political spinmeisters.

Whether you are female or are male, but hold the females in your life dear to your heart, just think about this when you go into the voting booth.