A Milestone

My revitalized website has just logged 5,000 visitors.  I’m pretty happy that I have been able to do this since focusing my web activities on this site.

They say that old dogs can’t learn new tricks.  In this case, my daughter who is pretty smart when it comes to internet marketing told me to stop wasting my time on the multiple sites that I was using and focus on one.

Hopefully with the passage of time I can make this site an effective destination for not only my books, but books of my many friends in the independent author world. Thank you all for stopping by.

Now if I can only figure out how to get visitors to visit my bookstore and my gift store.  😉



Notice To Fans Of “There Is Strangeness In The Universe” Cartoons

In preparation for an advertising campaign to market my cartoon collection, Scenes of Strangeness, I have put sales of the two earlier series. There is Strangeness in the Universe and Happy Holidaze and Other Tragedies of Life, on the back burner.  I am doing this so that no one will get confused and purchase the two earlier collections which are included in my 250+ cartoon collection: Scenes of Strangeness.  To date over 6,800 readers have downloaded Scenes of Strangeness.

I hope that fans of my cartoons will consider adding Scenes of Strangeness to their Kindle collection.  Don’t forget, if you do not have a Kindle, you can download a Kindle App for your computer, iPad, Tablet, laptop, or even cellphone here.

Scenes of Strangeness

You Can Now Buy My Books In India!

Amazon just announced that my books are available for purchase in India through Amazon.com  I hope that you will go to the following pages and check out my work.



Falling Star is a very realistic science fiction thriller about about mysterious objects found deep in the ocean and what happened when they woke up and started sending messages to outer space.  This novel has received many very favorable reviews and has been downloaded by almost 30,000 readers.


My cartoons take a wry look at the world from a strangeness lens.  Reviewers have compared my cartoons to Gary Larson’s “Far Side” and the cartoons of James Thurber.  Scenes of Strangeness is the combination of my two earlier works and has been downloaded over 6,800 times.

If you do not live in India, you can still see my books on other Amazon outlets.