The New Three Rs

The New Three Rs

Thanks to a misguided interpretation of the Second Amendment, our school children have to learn a different set of the Three Rs.

Enough is Enough.

All of us need to take back the streets from idiots who think or would like to think that they are living in the middle of Iraq or some similar dystopian world.

Responsible gun ownership requires responsible gun control.

UPDATE: What Have We Become? Shots Fired in New York — Breaking News

At least ten people shot outside of the Empire State Building in New York City.  Two are known dead including the alleged shooter.  On-going.

  “Shooter may be a woman”

Shooter appears to have been a man, but the other person killed was a former male co-worker.  The altercation may have started as a dispute between co-workers. Nine bystanders (2 women and 7 men) were injured, no children or elderly people shot.