My Very First Cartoon

This was my very first attempt at drawing a cartoon – at age 63.  You see, my cardiologist ordered me to not pick anything heavier than a pencil (slight exaggeration) over a weekend as he scrambled to schedule an emergency angiogram.  Apparently he thought that I was going to blow a pipe or two.  So as I sat in my attic office bored out of my gourd, I started surfing the web.

I chanced on a theory being advance by two Australian astronomers that said a parallel universe filled with strange matter has to exist in order for our own cosmos to stay intact.  I started thinking about what life in such a universe would look like and taking pencil in hand started sketching what I saw.  All this with no formal training in either cartooning or art.

I started posting my cartoons on a local message board and was then asked by the New York Times to contribute (emphasize “contribute”) to an experimental web-based newspaper called, The Local.  One of my cartoons even appeared in the Metropolitan section of the print edition.  Another of my cartoons was used as a verified iReport by CNN.

My cartoons have been compared favorably to Gary Larson’s Far Side and to the work of James Thurber.  I hope that you enjoy them and will check out my latest collection of cartoons:

If you enjoy my work, I hope that you will buy one of my eBooks.  Nothing is more encouraging to a struggling cartoonist (particularly one of my advanced age) than to have someone buy their work.  It is only $3.99 for the eBook and you will join the over 8,600 people who have already added this set of 250+ cartoons to their eReaders. Hope it will give you a chuckle or two or 250.

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