Ecuador Declares War On UK Embassies?

In a harshly worded statement , Rafael Correa, the President of Ecuador, stated that the United Kingdom would be suicidal to enter his embassy in London to extract Julian Assange.  Huh?  Has Ecuador taken leave of its senses; don’t they remember the Falklands?

Language of this sort is not helpful in any context.  It encourages radical elements to live out their warped fantasies and actually diminishes any message that Julian Assange had hoped to achieve by fleeing to the Ecuadorean embassy.


I took this photo in 1972 at Hyde Park Corner in London during my first trip to Europe.  I found the advice particularly compelling and have had this photograph on my office walls ever since.  For forty years, the profundity of this image has been part of my working life and I think that it is as relevant, and maybe even more so, today.