My Take On His Private Talk

Mitt Romney believes that,

1. Forty-seven percent of all Americans are a shiftless bunch of parasites living day-to-day for our next dole from the government for their medical care, food, and housing.  See the Washington Post fact checking article.

2. He wishes he were Latino, because Latino will only vote for one of their color. Huh?

3. Chinese workers are so industrious and will withstand crowded dormitory living, locked behind fences with barbed wire on top, to work for their overseers.  See the video.

It just dawned on me. Mitt Romney shouldn’t be running for President of the United States, he should be running for Premier of the Peoples Republic of China.

Now We Know Why

Mitt Romney is maddeningly against welfare.  It is a well known fact that some people turn against their roots in striving to obtain a higher social status.  As they climb the social ladder they seek to curry the favor of those they perceive to be better off than themselves.  To effectively seem like one of the upper echelon that they are trying to emulate, they will often lash out against their own humble beginnings.  Such people must be purer than Caesar’s wife in their disdain and hatred of those who were left behind.  It is a classic, but sad, tale of some who had to struggle out of their humble beginnings.

We now know that Mitt Romney is merely one generation away from welfare himself.  He comes from a family that through no fault of its own had to seek welfare to survive the cruel vagaries of political upheaval.  You see, Mitt is not the most successful private equity/leveraged lease guy out there.  His fortune actually pales in comparison to the titans of that industry.  He most likely aspires to their lofty realm and he must hide his humble origins in that quest.

How do we know that the Romney family was once on welfare? Listen to his mom:

George Romney knew what it meant to climb out of his humble beginnings and according to his gracious and seemingly well-ground wife, Lenore, George Romney knew the hardships of being poor and out of luck.  Apparently that basic grounding was wasted on the second generation.  Self-loathing can be a very dangerous thing.