100 Years And Counting — PLEASE SHARE


100 years ago, women marched for the right to vote. It was called “Suffrage.”  An iconic image of that march was a 27 year-old woman by the name of Inez Milholland astride a white horse.  It is interesting that the Supreme Court of the United States is currently reviewing a key element in the providing of Universal Suffrage for everyone, The Voting Rights Act.  Universal Suffrage is not an “entitlement” as Neo-Conservative justices would have you believe, it is an universal right.

Obfuscate All You Want, Mitt

Republican Senatorial Candidate Richard Mourdock, whom you endorse and have campaigned for, has said that pregnancies resulting from rape are intended by God, and as such must not be terminated via an  an abortion.  You say that is not your position and you reject Mourdock’s claim.

Mourdock is merely espousing the GOP’s stated position as enshrined in the Party’s Platform for this election.  You are the GOP’s standard bearer and you swore that you would support the GOP’s Platform in the 2012 Election. Simply stated the GOP’s platform will not permit any abortions, even in cases of rape or incest.

If you are going to disavow the comments made by every one of the candidates that you are supporting in this election as their standard bearer, at what point will you disavow that you are even the Republican Candidate for President of the United States?

You can’t have it both ways, Mitt!

I have a list of Republican who say that “Rape is Good“, Richard Mourdock has just been added to the list.


I Was Going To Write A Snarky Post

Until I started to really think about what Moira Johnston is trying to do.  As long as the law and society maintains different standards for men and women, women will never be able to achieve their true place as equals in this country.  If people are offended by women going bare-breasted in public, I would submit that they should be equally opposed to men doing the same.

I think that Moira Johnston is a courageous young woman, who is willing to stand up for her principles.  I reiterate that Moira Johnston has broken no law since New York laws regarding public nudity apply equally to men and women.

Good for you, Moira.