If you are sunning on the beach and want to enjoy a quiet, restful read, you probably do not want to read a book about what is happening beneath those crashing waves. Enjoy your vacation and please do not buy a copy of Falling Star for the beach, because readers who have say, “I will never see the ocean in the same light again.”

On the other hand, if you want to read a very realistic thriller about mysterious objects discovered buried deep in the ocean and what happens when they wake up and start sending signals to outer space, you might consider it. This book is apparently so factual that readers are often left wondering, “if this story might not be fiction at all, but something very real and very disturbing.”

Find out why a noted book critic Alan Caruba, charter member of the prestigious National Book Critics Circle says, “If you read just one novel in 2011, make it Falling Star.”

One final thing. If you do buy this book and decide to read it on the beach, please, please do not read it with your back to the ocean. What you don’t see, just might be coming for you. We are not responsible for any cardiac episodes that might occur while reading this story on the beach, we warned you.

By philc44

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