NASA Confirms Possible Earth Impact In 2013

Why is the government hinting that an asteroid (Asteroid DA14 2912) might be on a collision course with Earth on February 16, 2013?

People really should read my book, Falling Star,  and find out the real reason why the government is saying that an asteroid will strike the Earth in 2013.  The book was written twenty years ago, but self-published in 2010 when events that it foretold started coming true (no B.S., see video that follows). No publisher would pick it up for all those twenty years, because they said it was unrealistic, until the story started being played out in the evening news. Hint: the year 2013 plays a critical role in the story.

Read my novel to see how I described this ring over twenty years ago.  One of my fictional spies (a gorgeous female) even posed as a financial consultant.  Coincidentally, Falling Star was written when I lived in Montclair, New Jersey.  Did I unknowingly pick up some prescient notion of things to come?

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