Political Trick Gone Awry?

Politics in America has a long history of dirty tricks or stunts that are pulled off to cast opponents in either harsh or unflattering light.  Many times, the political tricks are actually funny and entertaining.  However, there are times that the trickery takes on dark and ominous tones, such as the smear campaign against John McCain in 2004 in which the trickster mounted a campaign alleging, amongst other things that McCain’s adopted Bangladeshi daughter was actually the result of an adulterous liaison with an African-American woman. That hurtful and untrue claim is credited in part with McCain losing the South Carolina primary to George W. Bush.

We are finding out that “Sam Bacile” the supposed film maker of the crude anti-Islamic film that inflamed Egyptians and Libyans to riot against U.S. interests resulting in the tragic death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three of his aides may not even be a real person.  Apparently, a lot of mystery surrounds who this person really is.  If “Sam Bacile” is not the real name of the film’s producer, the American public needs to know who the real person is and what was the motivation behind producing the infamous film trailer.

Could it be possible that “Sam Bacile” is a political trickster?  Taking the last name “Bacile” for instance, is it a handy disguise for “bacillus” or germ?  Was this clue left in that name to let people know that the film was meant as a political trick to inflame the passions of Islamic people in Egypt and Libya to somehow disparage the Obama Administration?

Did the tricksters think all that would happen is some flag burning and unruly mobs in front of American embassies?  Did they not intend that other parties might use this inflammatory rhetoric to launch a deadly attack on our consulate in Benghazi?

Was this a political dirty trick that went horribly awry?

I truly hope that the government investigates who this “Sam Bacile” really is and prosecute him and his political/financial backers, if any, to the fullest extent of the law for fomenting the riots that directly resulted in the death of Ambassador Stevens and his colleagues.

Free speech is one thing, but instigating terroristic attacks on our consulate is punishable by law.

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