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The Daily Kos has an article today stating that the United States Secret Service, as is their practice, stopped protecting Mitt Romney and his sidekick, Paul Ryan, the moment that they ceased their activity as candidates for POTUS and VPOTUS (is there such an acronym?). Apparently the order to stand down was quick with the two former candidates having to leave their posh hotel rooms like common folk; no flashing red lights, motorcycle escorts, and such.  This must have been a real let down for someone who had a lifelong love for men in uniforms, especially police uniforms, which he apparently wore as a young man impersonating Michigan State Troopers.

I am sure that the burning question for many will be whether the Secret Service took back the above lapel pins from both former candidates, which had the country abuzz with speculation as to what was on their flag pins.

The main thrust of the controversy was whether their flag pins should have been embellished with whatever.

A story was famously circulated that the United States Secret Service was so smitten with Mitten and boy wonder that they give them American Flag pins with the official Secret Service shield embedded on them.  Interestingly, neither President Barack Obama nor Vice-President Joe Biden wore flag pins with similar embellishments.

One line of hype had this as a secret signal that Mitten and boy wonder were so revered by even the Secret Service, whereas Obama and Biden were not.

Read more about why I thought Romney wore a flag pin that had been altered in contravention to the U.S. Flag Code HERE.

Is This The Reason Why His Flag Pin Is Different? PLEASE SHARE

The purported manner in which the Republican candidate for POTUS received a flag lapel pin emblazoned with a Secret Service badge remains a mystery.

The reason why Mitt Romney would wear a desecrated American flag on his suit lapel may be explained in what appears to be a life-long fascination with men in police uniforms.  Impersonation of police officers in public is a sick fetish and is often associated with crimes against people.

It appears clear that Mitt Romney made it a practice to dress up in a Michigan State Trooper Uniform, put a flashing light on his white car, and stop innocent motorists for whatever reason.  It is also clear that this was not just the youthful indiscretion of a high school student as he continued the practice at Stanford University where he was a college student.  How long he persisted in this fetish after college is not known.

Impersonation of a police officer in public is not a joke, it is a crime that is punishable in all states.  Where one makes a habit of impersonating a police officer, society should take heed as some pretty serious crimes have been perpetrated by persons who stop motorists (particularly in violent crimes against women) while dressed as police officers.

It might be funny if done in the context of a private party, say a costumed ball, although such uniforms are typically distinguishable from real police attire.  However, if the memories of Mitt Romney’s classmates are true, his uniform was the real McCoy – a Michigan State Trooper uniform.  That takes the seriousness of his crime up a notch, particularly as he used it according to the stories to stop motorists in public.

The statute of limitations has probably run for this crime, but truth be told, we need to know why the person whom we are considering for President of the United States thought that this was O.K. to do, and if he still harbors such delusions.

Is this what we want in a President?



Harvard Law School graduate Mitt Romney remembered this from his legal training:

If you have the facts: argue the facts.

If you don’t have the facts: argue the law.

If you don’t have the facts or the law: jump up and down, interrupt, and shout a lot.

That is what he did last night. He figuratively jumped up and down, he interrupted the President and the moderator, he gesticulated, and he pontificated.  The one thing he didn’t do was to tell us anymore about what his policies will be if he gets elected president or what specific things he will do in the Oval Office.  It was all trust me.  Like a used car salesman.

My personal takeaway?  We learned nothing new about Mitt Romney’s proposed policies (other than he admitted that he will change Medicare into a voucher program) to, amongst other things, pay for his seven trillion dollar saddle on the Middle Class.  Mitt did tell us one other thing.  He will even go after Big Bird.

The President, on the other hand, calmly laid out what he has done to try to dig out of the economic cesspool that the last Republican president left us with.  You remember him, George W. Bush.  Political parties since time started have always celebrated their senior statesmen.  Where is George?  Could it be that they do not want you to compare Bush economics and its disastrous effect on the Middle Class with Romney’s attempts to finish George’s effort to get rid of the Middle Class?

What do you want? To be entertained or informed?  You decide.

Finally, another politician once used the above law school maxim very effectively for maximum theatrics.

One final thing that Romney will probably get rid of.  If you look at his lapel pin, the American flag – you know the one that hundreds of thousands of our Nation’s bravest men and women have died to defend – is apparently not good enough for him.  His lapel pin has an embellishment contrary to the laws of our land, but in Amerika under Romney will we all be differentiated by different embellishments to distinguish one from another.  So what will the 47 percenters have to wear under the Romney/Ryan administration?

Will you have to declare your religion on your lapel pin, your gender identification, your nationality, your political party, your race?  I am sure that Republicans will dismiss this out of hand as a silly rant, but throughout history this is how it begins — one small symbol.  Remember the little symbol from eastern mythology that meant “to be good” that was adopted by a political party in Bavaria in the 1930s?  It was just a symbol after all, so what’s the beef?

Who Represents America?

Little things tell a lot.  Take lapel pins for example.  Compare the two in the photograph below, which one has an unembellished American flag.  Which one has another symbol; perhaps to let us know that he is not really representing us, but is part of a special class?  As for me, I do not think that the American flag needs embellishment.  Apparently, some do.

Why Is His Flag Pin Different?

Why is Mitt Romney wearing an altered American Flag Lapel Pin?  Isn’t the normal American Flag good enough for him

Do the über rich have a different flag from the rest of us?  The above photos were from news reports at different times and from different camera angles, lest someone claim that it was just a reflection.